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Asiadapis Rose et al. 2007 (placental)

Mammalia - Primates - Notharctidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 131094

Synonym: Suratius Bajpai et al. 2007 (taxon 131096)

Full reference: K. D. Rose, R. S. Rana, A. Sahni and T. Smith. 2007. A new adapoid primate from the early Eocene of India. Contributions from the Museum of Paleontology, University of Michigan 31(14):379-385

Parent taxon: Asiadapinae according to K. D. Rose et al. 2009

Sister taxon: Marcgodinotius

Subtaxa: Asiadapis cambayensis, Asiadapis tapiensis

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Ecology: scansorial insectivore