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Lytoceras belliseptatiforme Collignon 1962 (ammonite)

Cephalopoda - Ammonitida - Lytoceratidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 133170

Full reference: M. Collignon. 1962. Atlas des fossiles caractéristiques de Madagascar (Ammonites). Fascicule IX (Aptien). Service Géologique Tananarive 1-64

Belongs to Lytoceras according to M. Collignon 1962

Sister taxa: Lytoceras (Derolytoceras), Lytoceras (Trachylytoceras), Lytoceras aulaeum, Lytoceras baconicum, Lytoceras batesi, Lytoceras celticum, Lytoceras cornucopia, Lytoceras crenatum, Lytoceras eudesianum, Lytoceras fimbriatoides, Lytoceras fimbriatum, Lytoceras francisci, Lytoceras fuggeri, Lytoceras furcicrenatum, Lytoceras galatiforme, Lytoceras juilleti, Lytoceras liebigi, Lytoceras montanum, Lytoceras municipale, Lytoceras orsinii, Lytoceras ovimontanum, Lytoceras perplexum, Lytoceras polycyclum, Lytoceras praesublineatum, Lytoceras rhodanicum, Lytoceras richei, Lytoceras salebrosum, Lytoceras saturnale, Lytoceras schlosseri, Lytoceras secernendum, Lytoceras strambergensis, Lytoceras subfimbriatum, Lytoceras subsequens, Lytoceras sutile, Lytoceras taharoaense, Lytoceras trompianum, Lytoceras villae, Lytoceras vogdti, Hemilytoceras immanis, Ammonoceratites lamarcki, Ammonoceratites crenocostatus, Lytoceras (Ammonoceratites) betiokyense, Pterolytoceras exoticus, Pterolytoceras magnum, Eulytoceras inaequalicostatus, Eulytoceras phestum, Eulytoceras anisoptychum, Eulytoceras lepidum, Metalytoceras triboleti, Thysanolytoceras vicinum, Thysanolytoceras adeloides

Type specimen: Collignon_fig953, a shell. Its type locality is SPM 1969, Section 9A-B, Soromaraina (Marovoay), which is in an Aptian marine horizon in Madagascar.

Ecology: fast-moving nektonic carnivore

Average measurements (in mm): shell width 64.0, shell diameter 183.0