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Pseudotetrasauropus acutunguis Ellenberger 1970 (prosauropod)

Reptilia - Saurischia

PaleoDB taxon number: 133319

Alternative combinations: Brachychirotherium acutunguis, Pseudotetrasauropus acutiunguis

Full reference: P. Ellenberger. 1970. Les niveaux paléontologiques de première apparition des mammifères primoridaux en Afrique du Sud et leur ichnologie. Establissement de zones stratigraphiques detaillees dans le Stormberg du Lesotho (Afrique du Sud) (Trias Supérieur à Jurassique) [The paleontological levels of the first appearance of primordial mammals in southern Africa and their ichnology. Establishment of detailed stratigraphic zones in the Stormberg of Lesotho (southern Africa) (Upper Triassic to Jurassic). In: S. H. Haughton (ed.), Second Symposium on Gondwana Stratigraphy and Paleontology, International Union of Geological Sciences. Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Pretoria 343-370

Belongs to Prosauropoda according to S. D'Orazi Porchetti and U. Nicosia 2007

Sister taxa: Aetonyx, Aetonyx palustris, Agrosaurus, Anchisauridae, Aristosaurus, Aristosaurus erectus, Barrancapus, Dimodosaurus, Dromicosaurus, Dromicosaurus gracilis, Euskelesauridae, Euskelosaurus africanus, Fulengia, Gigantoscelus, Gresslyosaurus, Gresslyosaurus ingens, Gryponyx, Gryponyx africanus, Gryponyx taylori, Gryponyx transvaalensis, Gyposaurus capensis, Hortalotarsus, Hortalotarsus skirtopodus, Leptospondylus, Massospondylus browni, Massospondylus harriesi, Massospondylus schwarzi, Mussauridae, Orinosaurus, Orinosaurus capensis, Otozoidae, Pachysauriscus, Pachysaurops, Pachysaurus, Pachyspondylus, Pengxianpus, Plateosauravidae, Plateosaurus stormbergensis, Pseudotetrasauropus, Pseudotetrasauropus curtus, Pseudotetrasauropus elegans, Pseudotetrasauropus francisci, Saurischichnus, Tawasaurus, Teratosaurus trossingensis, Tetrasauropus, Thecodontosaurus dubius, Thecodontosaurus minor, Yimenosaurus, Yunnanosauridae, Zanclodon bavaricus

Type specimen: Its type locality is Phuthiatsana tracksite (zone A/3), which is in a Carnian/Norian terrestrial sandstone in the Molteno Formation of Lesotho

Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore