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†family Permochoristidae Tillyard 1918 (scorpionfly)

Insecta - Mecoptera

PaleoDB taxon number: 136724

Synonyms: Caenoptilonidae Zalessky 1933 (no. 279599), Eosetidae Tindale 1945 (no. 279601), Idelopanorpidae Zalessky 1929 (no. 279598), Petrochoristidae Willmann 1989 (no. 279602), Protopanorpidae Handlirsch 1937 (no. 199293), Tychtodelopteridae Ponomarenko 1977 (no. 216950), Tychtopsychidae Martynova 1958 (no. 136743), Xenochoristidae Riek 1953 (no. 180263)

Full reference: R. J. Tillyard. 1918. Permian and Triassic insects from New South Wales, in the collection of Mr. John Mitchell. The Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 42:720-756

Parent taxon: Mecoptera according to V. G. Novokshonov 1997

Sister taxa: Aneuretopsychina, Anormochoristidae, Belmontiidae, Boreidae, Choristopsychidae, Cyclopterinidae, Englathaumatidae, Eobanksiidae, Eumecoptera, Fortiholcorpa, Holcorpidae, Kaltanidae, Karaungiridae, Liassopanorpa, Mecaenigma, Mendozachoristidae, Miriholcorpa, Nannomecoptera, Necropsis, Paramecoptera, Paratrichoptera, Permocentropidae, Permopanorpidae, Permotanyderidae, Permotipulidae, Pistillifera, Protodiptera, Protomecoptera, Protomeropidae, Reprehensa, Sibiriothaumatidae, Solusipanorpa, Thaumatomeropidae, Volitorididae, Worcestobiidae

Subtaxa: Agetopanorpinae, Hongchoristites, Kalochorista, Kazakhopanorpa, Mesageta, Permochoristinae, Protochoristinae, Pseudonannochoristinae, Qingochorista, Sylvopanorpinae, Xenochoristella

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