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Eoconfuciusornis zhengi Zhang et al. 2008 (bird)

Reptilia - Pygostylia - Confuciusornithidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 137357

Full reference: Z. Zhang, Z. Zhou, and M. J. Benton. 2008. A primitive confuciusornithid bird from China and its implications for early avian flight. Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences 51(5):625-639

Belongs to Eoconfuciusornis according to Z. Zhang et al. 2008

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: IVPP V11977, a skeleton (nearly complete skeleton including feather impressions). Its type locality is Sichakou, which is in a Hauterivian/Barremian lacustrine siliciclastic in the Dabeigou Formation of China.

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore