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Prophthinia Anonymous 1944 (fungus gnat)

Insecta - Diptera - Mycetophilidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 138589

Full reference: Anonymous. 1944. Insecta. The Zoological Record. Volume the Eighty-First Being the Records of Zoological Literature Relating Chiefly to the Year 1943 1-235

Parent taxon: Mycetophilidae according to N. L. Evenhuis 1994

Sister taxa: Anaclinia, Armbrusteleia, Atalosciophila, Austrolocymmerus, Boletina, Cenomycetophila, Cordyla, Eomycetinae, Huaxiasciophilites, Liaoxifungivora, Manotinae, Mesosciophilites, Microntos, Mycetophaetinae, Mycetophilinae, Neoempheria, Pachyneurinae, Palaeoempalia, Palaeosynapha, Proallodia, Prodelopsis, Rondaniella, Rymosia, Sciophilinae, Synplasta, Fungivorinae, Huaxiasciaritinae, Recticorninae, Solosciaritinae

Subtaxa: Prophthinia coelosides, Prophthinia leides

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Type: Prophthinia coelosides