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Burenoceras phragmoceroides Flower 1964 (mollusk)

Cephalopoda - Ellesmerocerida - Ellesmeroceratidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 146033

Full reference: R. H. Flower. 1964. The Nautiloid Order Ellesmeroceratida (Cephalopoda). State Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Memoir 12:234 p.

Belongs to Burenoceras according to R. H. Flower 1964

Sister taxa: Burenoceras angulare, Burenoceras compressum, Burenoceras cornucopia, Burenoceras cornucopiaforme, Burenoceras curticei, Burenoceras dickhauti, Burenoceras dilatatum, Burenoceras expandum, Burenoceras huzzahense, Burenoceras minor, Burenoceras muricoides, Burenoceras oneotense, Burenoceras peramplum, Burenoceras percompressum, Burenoceras planiseptatum, Burenoceras pumilum, Burenoceras texanum, Burenoceras undosum, Burenoceras ungulatum

Type specimen: BEG 34832, a partial shell (living chamber with aperture). Its type locality is Ellenburger Hills SE of Barnes Ranch headquarters, which is in a Gasconadian lagoonal/restricted shallow subtidal grainstone/chert in the Tanyard Formation of Texas.

Ecology: nektobenthic carnivore