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Eileenella semicircridge He et al. 2005

PaleoDB taxon number: 381917

Alternative combination: Spinomarginifera semicircridge

Full reference: W. He, S.-Z. Shen, Q. Feng and S. Gu. 2005. A late Changhsingian (Late Permian) deepwater brachiopod fauna from the Talung Formation at the Dongpan Section, Southern Guangxi, South China. Journal of Paleontology 79(5):927-938

Belongs to Eileenella according to W. H. He et al. 2019

Sister taxon: Eileenella elegans

Type specimen: DP9604, a valve (Dorsal valve, internal mold). Its type locality is Dongpan Section Bed 9-5/9-9, Fusui County, which is in a Changhsingian deep-water mudstone in the Dalong Formation of China.

Average measurements (in mm): valve 3.47 x 5.55