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Exoclitendoceras Kröger and Landing 2008 (mollusk)

Cephalopoda - Endocerida - Proterocameroceratidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 149298

Full reference: B. Kröger and E. Landing. 2008. Onset of the Ordovician cephalopod radiation - evidence from the Rochdale Formation (middle Early Ordovician, Stairsian)in eastern New York. Geological Magazine 145(4):490-520

Parent taxon: Proterocameroceratidae according to B. Kröger and E. Landing 2008

Sister taxa: Anthoceras, Campendoceras, Clitendoceras, Cotteroceras, Escharendoceras, Lobendoceras, Lobosiphon, Manitouoceras, Mccluskiceras, Mcqueenoceras, Meniscoceras, Mysticoceras, Oderoceras, Paraendoceras, Phragmosiphon, Platysiphon, Pliendoceras, Proendoceras, Proterocameroceras, Protocyptendoceras, Retroclitendoceras, Stenosiphon

Subtaxa: Exoclitendoceras rochdalense

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Type: Exoclitendoceras rochdalense

Ecology: nektobenthic carnivore