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Aporemaspis Elliot and Loeffler 1989 (jawless fish)


PaleoDB taxon number: 149901

Full reference: D. K. Elliot and E. J. Loeffler. 1989. A new agnathan from the lower Devonian of Arctic Canada, and a review of the tessellated heterostracans. Palaeontology 32(4):883-891

Parent taxon: Heterostraci according to D. K. Elliot and E. J. Loeffler 1989

Sister taxa: Amphiaspidiformes, Anatolepis, Ariaspididae, Cardipeltidae, Cardipeltiformes, Ceraspidae, Corvaspidiformes, Cyathaspidida, Cyathaspidiformes, Drepanaspidae, Lepidaspidiformes, Olbiaspidida, Protaspidae, Psammolepis, Psammosteiformes, Strosipherus, Tesseraspidiformes, Thelodontidae, Tolypelepidiformes, Traquairaspidida, Traquairaspidiformes

Subtaxa: Aporemaspis pholidata

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Type: Aporemaspis pholidata