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Protoentactinia minuta Kozur et al. 1996 (radiolarian)

Radiolaria - Entactinaria - Protoentactiniidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 153052

Full reference: H. W. Kozur, H. Mostler, and J. E. Repetski. 1996. Well-preserved Tremadocian primitive Radiolaria from the Windfall Formation of the Antelope Range, Eureka County, Nevada, USA. Geol Paläont Mitt Innsbruck 21:245-271

Belongs to Protoentactinia according to H. W. Kozur et al. 1996

Sister taxa: Protoentactinia gracilispinosa, Protoentactinia latospinosa, Noblella tremadociensis

Type specimen: Its type locality is USGS Loc11307-CO, Horse Heaven Mountain [Windfall Fm], which is in a Tremadoc slope limestone in the Windfall Formation of Nevada.

Ecology: passively mobile planktonic omnivore