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Ancyropus Hitchcock 1845 (turtle)

Reptilia - Testudinata

PaleoDB taxon number: 156007

Full reference: E. Hitchcock. 1845. An attempt to name, classify, and describe, the animals that made the fossil footmarks of New England. Sixth Annual Meeeting of the Association of American Geologists and Naturalists, New Haven, CT. Abstract and Proceedings 23-25

Parent taxon: Testudinata according to R. S. Lull 1904

Sister taxa: Amblypus, Australochelyidae, Australochelys, Chelichnus, Chelonipedidae, Chelycarapookus arcuatus, Chengyuchelyidae, Chengyuchelys, Chinlechelys, Condorchelys, Eileanchelys, Emys neumayri, Glyptops caelatus, Heckerochelyidae, Heckerochelys, Helcura, Indochelys, Kayentachelys, Meiolaniformes, Mongolochelyidae, Naomichelys, Odontochelyidae, Odontochelys, Palaeochersis, Platycheloides, Probaena sculpta, Proganochelys, Proterochersidae, Protochelys, Protochelys blakii, Saurischiocomes, Siamochelys, Sichuanchelyidae, Spoochelys, Testudines, Testudo stricklandi, Testudoolithidae

Subtaxa: Ancyropus heteroclitus

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