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Macropus (Notamacropus) thor De Vis 1895 (wallaby)

Osteichthyes - Diprotodontia - Macropodidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 162553

Alternative combination: Halmaturus thor

Belongs to Macropus (Notamacropus) according to L. Dawson and T. Flannery 1985

Sister taxa: Macropus (Notamacropus) agilis, Macropus (Notamacropus) dorsalis, Macropus (Notamacropus) eugenii, Macropus (Notamacropus) greyi, Macropus (Notamacropus) irma, Macropus (Notamacropus) parma, Macropus (Notamacropus) parryi, Macropus (Notamacropus) rufogriseus, Macropus (Notamacropus) wombeyensis

Type specimen: QM F3602, a mandible (right mandibular fragment with erupting premolar and M2-5)

Ecology: saltatorial herbivore