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Pacifichelys urbinai Parham and Pyenson 2010 (sea turtle)

Reptilia - Testudines - Pancheloniidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 165652

Full reference: J. F. Parham and N. D. Pyenson. 2010. New sea turtle from the Miocene of Peru and iterative evolution of feeding ecomorphologies since the Cretaceous. Journal of Paleontology 84(2):231-247

Belongs to Pacifichelys according to J. F. Parham and N. D. Pyenson 2010

Sister taxon: Pacifichelys hutchisoni

Type specimen: UNMSM 1447, a skull. Its type locality is Cerro Colorado (Pisco, Miocene), which is in a Miocene marine horizon in the Pisco Formation of Peru.