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Szechuanophyllum abnorme Wang 1978 (horn coral)

Anthozoa - Stauriida - Waagenophyllidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 166676

Full reference: H. D. Wang. 1978. Anthozoa. Paleontological Atlas of Southwest China, Guizhou Volume 2:106-189

Belongs to Szechuanophyllum according to H. D. Wang 1978

Sister taxa: Szechuanophyllum armenicum, Szechuanophyllum denticulatum, Szechuanophyllum giganteum, Szechuanophyllum guiense, Szechuanophyllum jilinense, Szechuanophyllum luodianense, Szechuanophyllum multitabulatum, Szechuanophyllum polythecalum, Szechuanophyllum szechuanense, Szechuanophyllum transcaucasicum, Szechuanophyllum zhurihense

Type specimen: Its type locality is Changliujing, Ziyun County, which is in a Kungurian carbonate limestone in the Qixia Formation of China

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder