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Dolichorhynchops bonneri Adams 1997 (plesiosaur)

Reptilia - Sauropterygia - Polycotylidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 168676

Alternative combination: Trinacromerum bonneri

Full reference: D. A. Adams. 1997. Trinacromerum bonneri, new species, last and fastest pliosaur of the Western Interior Seaway. Texas Journal of Science 49(3):179-198

Belongs to Dolichorhynchops according to F. R. O'Keefe 2008

Sister taxa: Dolichorhynchops herschelensis, Dolichorhynchops osborni, Dolichorhynchops tropicensis, Plesiosaurus ichthyospondylus, Trinacromerum latimanus

Type specimen: KUMNH 40002, a partial skeleton. Its type locality is Johnson Ranch, Redbird, which is in a Campanian/Campanian marine horizon in the Pierre Shale Formation of Wyoming.

Ecology: aquatic carnivore