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Lapworthella fasciculata Bengtson et al. 1990 (lamp shell)

Tommotiida - Lapworthellidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 170623

Full reference: S. Bengtson, S. Conway Morris, B. J. Cooper, P. A. Jell, and B. N. Runnegar. 1990. Early Cambrian fossils from South Australia. Association of Australasian Palaeontologists 9:1-364

Belongs to Lapworthella according to D. I. Gravestock et al. 2001

Sister taxa: Lapworthella ablorta, Lapworthella annulata, Lapworthella cornu, Lapworthella dentata, Lapworthella gezhongwuensis, Lapworthella hubeiensis, Lapworthella hubeinensis, Lapworthella nigra, Lapworthella puttapensis, Lapworthella rostriptutea, Lapworthella schodakensis, Lapworthella sinensis, Lapworthella subrectangulata, Stenothecopsis heraultensis

Type specimen: SAMP30614, a valve. Its type locality is 6429RS109, L1762, L1854 - Horse Gully, which is in a Botomian carbonate packstone in the Parara Limestone Formation of Australia.

Ecology: facultatively mobile epifaunal suspension feeder