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Temnodontosaurus eurycephalus McGowan 1974 (ichthyosaur)

Ichthyopterygia - Ichthyosauria

PaleoDB taxon number: 170871

Full reference: C. McGowan. 1974. A revision of the longipinnate ichthyosaurs of the Lower Jurassic of England, with descriptions of two new species (Reptilia: Ichthyosauria). Life Sciences Contribution of the Royal Ontario Museum 97

Belongs to Temnodontosaurus according to M. W. Maisch 2010

Sister taxa: Temnodontosaurus azerguensis, Temnodontosaurus burgundiae, Temnodontosaurus crassimanus, Temnodontosaurus longirostris, Temnodontosaurus nuertingensis, Temnodontosaurus platyodon, Temnodontosaurus trigonodon

Type specimen: BMNH R1157, a skull. Its type locality is Broad Ledge, which is in a Sinemurian marine limestone in the United Kingdom.

Ecology: nektonic carnivore