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Ichthyosaurus acutirostris Owen 1840 (ichthyosaur)

Ichthyopterygia - Ichthyosauria

PaleoDB taxon number: 171446

Alternative combinations: Stenopterygius acutirostris, Temnodontosaurus acutirostris

Synonyms: Ichthyosaurus crassimanus Tate and Blake 1876 (no. 171542), Ichthyosaurus longifrons Owen 1881 (no. 171449), Ichthyosaurus longipennis Mantell 1851 (no. 365626), Ichthyosaurus microdon Wagner 1851 (no. 171447), Ichthyosaurus zetlandicus Seeley 1880 (no. 171448)

Full reference: R. Owen. 1840. Report on British fossil reptiles. Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science 8:43-126

Belongs to Ichthyosaurus according to M. W. Maisch 2010

Sister taxa: Ichthyosaurus aduncus, Ichthyosaurus advena, Ichthyosaurus aequalis, Ichthyosaurus amalthei, Ichthyosaurus angustidens, Ichthyosaurus anningae, Ichthyosaurus arietis, Ichthyosaurus bambergensis, Ichthyosaurus biscissus, Ichthyosaurus bodenbenderi, Ichthyosaurus bonneyi, Ichthyosaurus brachyspondylus, Ichthyosaurus breviceps, Ichthyosaurus californicus, Ichthyosaurus ceramensis, Ichthyosaurus chalarodeirus, Ichthyosaurus communis, Ichthyosaurus coniformis, Ichthyosaurus conybeari, Ichthyosaurus crassicostatus, Ichthyosaurus cuvieri, Ichthyosaurus dilatatus, Ichthyosaurus entheciodon, Ichthyosaurus enthekiodon, Ichthyosaurus extremus, Ichthyosaurus franciscanus, Ichthyosaurus giganteus, Ichthyosaurus hectori, Ichthyosaurus hexagonus, Ichthyosaurus hildesiensis, Ichthyosaurus hygrodeirus, Ichthyosaurus immanis, Ichthyosaurus indicus, Ichthyosaurus kokeni, Ichthyosaurus lacunosae, Ichthyosaurus larkini, Ichthyosaurus latifrons, Ichthyosaurus leucopetraeus, Ichthyosaurus longimanus, Ichthyosaurus longipes, Ichthyosaurus nasimowii, Ichthyosaurus normanniae, Ichthyosaurus numismalis, Ichthyosaurus ovalis, Ichthyosaurus planartus, Ichthyosaurus platymerus, Ichthyosaurus posthumus, Ichthyosaurus psilonoti, Ichthyosaurus quenstedti, Ichthyosaurus saladensis, Ichthyosaurus sanjuanensis, Ichthyosaurus sinuatus, Ichthyosaurus somersetensis, Ichthyosaurus steleodon, Ichthyosaurus tenuirostris, Ichthyosaurus thyreospondylus, Ichthyosaurus torrei, Ichthyosaurus torulosi, Ichthyosaurus trigonodon, Ichthyosaurus trigonus, Ichthyosaurus triscissus, Ichthyosaurus volgensis, Ichthyosaurus walkeri, Ichthyosaurus zollerianus, Protoichthyosaurus prosostealis, Tibetosaurus, Tibetosaurus tingjiensis

Type specimens:

  • Ichthyosaurus acutirostris: Its type locality is Whitby, marine reptiles, which is in a Falciferum/Bifrons offshore shale in the Alum Shale Formation of the United Kingdom
  • Ichthyosaurus crassimanus:
  • Ichthyosaurus longifrons: NHM 33157. Its type locality is La Caine-Curcy (Tesson collection: BMNH) (=Curcy, Calvados), which is in a Toarcian marine shale in France.
  • Ichthyosaurus longipennis:
  • Ichthyosaurus microdon:
  • Ichthyosaurus zetlandicus:

Ecology: nektonic carnivore