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Paracaninia guichiensis Yan and Chen 1982 (horn coral)

Anthozoa - Stauriida - Plerophyllidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 173762

Full reference: Y. Y. Yan and M. J. Chen. 1982. Anthozoan taxonomic names. Palaeontological Atlas of East China 2:108-179

Belongs to Paracaninia according to Y. Y. Yan and M. J. Chen 1982

Sister taxa: Paracaninia ephippia, Paracaninia lhazeensis, Paracaninia liangshanensis, Paracaninia minor, Paracaninia similis, Paracaninia sinensis, Paracaninia suobeishanensis, Paracaninia tzuchiangensis, Paracaninia wuguishanensis, Paracaninia xiukangensis

Type specimen: Nanjing Inst Geol Min Res HI-504

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder