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Asthenohymen triangularis Carpenter 1947 (winged insect)

Insecta - Diaphanopterodea - Asthenohymenidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 176623

Full reference: F. M. Carpenter. 1947. Lower Permian Insects from Oklahoma. Part 1. Introduction and the Orders Megasecoptera, Protodonata, and Odonata. Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 76:25-54

Belongs to Asthenohymen according to F. M. Carpenter 1947

Sister taxa: Asthenohymen affinis, Asthenohymen apicalis, Asthenohymen dunbari, Asthenohymen gracilis, Asthenohymen kansasensis, Asthenohymen latus, Asthenohymen micron, Asthenohymen minutum, Asthenohymen minutus, Asthenohymen parvulus, Asthenohymen pusillus, Asthenohymen stenobasis, Asthenohymen stigmatizans, Asthenohymen uralicum, Asthenohymen zalesskyi, Asthenohymen zonatus

Type specimen: MCZ 4717, a forewing. Its type locality is Midco Locality 15, which is in an Artinskian lacustrine lime mudstone in the Wellington Formation of Oklahoma.


Average measurements (in mm): forewing 7.75 x 3.00