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Protoichthyosaurus prostaxalis Appleby 1979 (ichthyosaur)

Ichthyopterygia - Ichthyosauria

PaleoDB taxon number: 178449

Full reference: R. M. Appleby. 1979. The affinities of Liassic and later ichthyosaurs. Palaeontology 22(4):921-946

Belongs to Protoichthyosaurus according to D. R. Lomax et al. 2017

Sister taxon: Protoichthyosaurus applebyi

Type specimen: B. 1963'5/O.S.. Its type locality is Street (general), which is in a Hettangian shallow subtidal limestone/shale in the Blue Lias Formation of the United Kingdom.

Ecology: nektonic carnivore