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Paramorbaeschna Bechly et al. 2001 (true dragonfly)

Insecta - Odonata - Gomphaeschnidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 178609

Full reference: G. Bechly, A. Nel, X. Martínez-Declòs, E. A. Jarzembowski, R. Coram, D. Martill, G. Fleck, F. Escuillié, M. M. Wisshak and M. Maisch. 2001. A revision and phylogenetic study of Mesozoic Aeshnoptera, with description of numerous new taxa (Insecta: Odonata: Anisoptera). Neue Paläontologische Abhandlungen 4:1-219

Parent taxon: Gomphaeschnaoidini according to G. Bechly 2007

Sister taxa: Anomalaeschna, Cretagomphaeschnaoides, Gomphaeschnaoides, Plesigomphaeschnaoides, Progomphaeschnaoides

Subtaxa: Paramorbaeschna araripensis

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Ecology: fast-moving volant carnivore-insectivore