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Protoblattogryllus zajsanicus Storozhenko 1990 (insect)

Insecta - Eoblattida - Megakhosaridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 178943

Full reference: S. Y. Storozhenko. 1990. New Permian and Mesozoic Insects (Insecta, Grylloblattida: Blattogryllidae, Geinitziidae) from Asia. Paleontological Journal 24(4):53-61

Belongs to Protoblattogryllus according to S. Y. Storozhenko and D. S. Aristov 2014

Sister taxa: Protoblattogryllus asiaticus, Protoblattogryllus nedubrovensis, Protoblattogryllus variabilis, Protoblattogryllus vittatus

Type specimen: PIN 2781/23, an exoskeleton (head, pronotum, and forewing). Its type locality is Karaungir-II (PIN collection 2781), which is in a Changhsingian lacustrine mudstone in the Akkolka Formation of Kazakhstan.


Average measurements (in mm): body length 26.0, forewing length 24.0, hindwing length 21.0