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Gavia brodkorbi Howard 1978 (loon)

Reptilia - Gaviiformes - Gaviidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 179007

Full reference: H. Howard. 1978. Late Miocene marine birds from Orange County, California. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Contributions in Science 290:1-26

Belongs to Gavia according to H. Howard 1978

Sister taxa: Gavia adamsii, Gavia arctica, Gavia concinna, Gavia egeriana, Gavia fortis, Gavia howardae, Gavia immer, Gavia pacifica, Gavia stellata

Type specimen: LACM 31173, a limb element (left ulna). Its type locality is Laguna Niguel, which is in a Tortonian/Messinian basinal (siliciclastic) sandstone/shale in the Monterey Formation of California.

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore