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Dorsettia Whalley 1985 (dragonfly)

Insecta - Odonata - Campterophlebiidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 180313

Full reference: P. E. S. Whalley. 1985. The systematics and palaeogeography of the Lower Jurassic insects of Dorset, England. Bulletin of the British Museum of Natural History (Geology) 39(3):107-189

Parent taxon: Campterophlebiidae according to D. R. Zheng et al. 2016

Sister taxa: Adelophlebia, Amnifleckia, Angaroneura, Angustiphlebia, Archithemis liassina, Bathmophlebia, Bellabrunetia, Campterophlebia, Ctenogampsophlebia, Gallodorsettia, Gampsophlebia, Honghea, Hsiufua, Hypsophlebia, Hypsothemis, Junfengi, Karatawia, Lateophlebia, Melanohypsa, Olonkia, Oreophlebia, Oshinia, Parabrunetia, Parafleckium, Parazygokaratawia, Petrophlebia, Pritykinia, Pternopteron, Qibinlina, Sagulia, Sarytashia, Sibirioneura, Sinitsia, Sinokaratawia, Sogdophlebia, Xanthohypsa, Zygokaratawia, Hypsomelana

Subtaxa: Dorsettia laeta, Dorsettia sinica

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Type: Dorsettia laeta

Ecology: fast-moving volant carnivore-insectivore