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Archaeooides granulatus Qian 1977


PaleoDB taxon number: 182527

Synonyms: Archaeooides acuspinatus Qian 1977 (no. 182529), Archaeooides kuanchuanpuensis Qian 1977 (no. 182528), Archaeooides selindeicus Valkov 1987 (no. 182530), Gaparella porosa Missarzhevsky and Mambetov 1981 (no. 172459), Huangshandongella yangjiapingensis Ding and Qian 1988 (no. 182531), Tianshandiscus verrucosus Qian and Xiao 1984 (no. 182519)

Full reference: Y. Qian. 1977. Hyolitha and some problematica from the Lower Cambrian Meishucun Stage in Central and SW China. Acta Palaeontologica Sinica 16(2):255-278

Belongs to Archaeooides according to Qian 1977

Sister taxa: Paramobergella, Protosphaerites

Type specimens:

  • Archaeooides granulatus: NIGPAS, no33759.
  • Archaeooides acuspinatus:
  • Archaeooides kuanchuanpuensis:
  • Archaeooides selindeicus:
  • Gaparella porosa: Its type locality is Uchbas, bed 6, which is in a Botomian marine dolomite in the Shabakty Formation of Kazakhstan.
  • Huangshandongella yangjiapingensis:
  • Tianshandiscus verrucosus: Its type locality is Aksu-Wushi, which is in a Meishucunian marine limestone in the Yurtus Formation of China.