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Neoeridotrypella schilti Gilmour et al. 1997 (bryozoan)

Stenolaemata - Trepostomida - Eridotrypellidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 184294

Full reference: E. H. Gilmour, M. E. McColloch, and B. R. Wardlaw. 1997. Bryozoa of the Mudrock Mountain Formation (Wordian, Permian), Leach Mountains, Northeastern Nevada. Journal of Paleontology 71(2):214-236

Belongs to Neoeridotrypella according to E. H. Gilmour et al. 1997

Sister taxa: Neoeridotrypella astrica, Neoeridotrypella magna, Neoeridotrypella missionensis, Neoeridotrypella pulchra

Type specimen: USNM 488255. Its type locality is Murdock Mountain, Stenodiscus Beds, which is in a Wordian offshore wackestone/packstone in the Murdock Mountain Formation of Nevada.

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder