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Asiapatella sinuata Parkhaev and Demidenko 2010 (mollusk)

Helcionelloida - Helcionellida - Helcionellidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 185922

Full reference: P. Y. Parkhaev and Y. Demidenko. 2010. Zooproblematica and mollusca from the Lower Cambrian Meishucun section (Yunnan, China) and taxonomy and systematics of the Cambrian small shelly fossils of China. Paleontological Journal 44(8):883-1161

Belongs to Asiapatella according to P. Y. Parkhaev and Y. Demidenko 2010

Sister taxon: Asiapatella undulata

Type specimen: PIN, no4552/1463, a shell.

Ecology: slow-moving low-level epifaunal detritivore

Average measurements (in mm): shell 1.43 x 1.41