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Quadrahomagnostus Chu 1959 (trilobite)

Trilobita - Agnostida - Agnostidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 19308

Full reference: C. L. Chu. 1959. Trilobites from the Kushan Formation of north and northeastern China. Memoirs of the Institute of Palaeontology Academia Sinica 2:44-128

Parent taxon: Agnostidae according to H. B. Whittington et al. 1997

Sister taxa: Acmarhachis, Acutatagnostus, Agnostardis, Agnostus, Ammagnostus, Biciragnostus, Connagnostus, Eurudagnostus, Formosagnostus, Glyptagnostus, Gymnagnostus, Hadragnostus, Homagnostus, Idolagnostus, Innitagnostus, Ivshinagnostus, Kormagnostella, Kormagnostus, Leiagnostus, Lotagnostus, Micragnostus, Neoagnostus, Oncagnostus, Oxyagnostus, Peronopsinae, Phalagnostus, Proagnostus, Ptychagnostinae, Strictagnostus, Trilobagnostus

Subtaxa: Quadrahomagnostus subquadratus, Quadrahomagnostus tienshihfuensis

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Type: Quadrahomagnostus subquadratus

Ecology: slow-moving epifaunal detritivore