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Glaphyrophlebia Handlirsch 1906 (winged insect)

Insecta - Paoliida - Blattinopsidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 193113

Synonyms: Blattinopsiella Meunier 1907 (no. 188886), Prisca Handlirsch 1906 (no. 215380), Pursa Sellards 1909 (no. 193109), Sindon Sellards 1909 (no. 193111), Sindonopsis Martynov 1928 (no. 198809)

Full reference: A. Handlirsch. 1906. Revision of American Paleozoic insects. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 29(1441):661-820

Parent taxon: Blattinopsidae according to T. Hörnschemeyer and H. Stapf 2001

Sister taxa: Alienus, Balduriella, Blattinopsis, Klebsiella, Microblattina, Protoblattiniella, Rhipidioptera, Stephanopsis, Westphaloblattinopsis, Protociccus

Subtaxa: Glaphyrophlebia anderhalterorum, Glaphyrophlebia arnulfi, Glaphyrophlebia clava, Glaphyrophlebia delicatula, Glaphyrophlebia jeckenbachi, Glaphyrophlebia ovata, Glaphyrophlebia parvavena, Glaphyrophlebia pusilla, Glaphyrophlebia pygmaea, Glaphyrophlebia rohwedderi, Glaphyrophlebia speciosa, Glaphyrophlebia subcostalis, Glaphyrophlebia uralensis, Glaphyrophlebia wettinensis

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Type: Glaphyrophlebia pusilla