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Eurypterella ornata Matthew 1889 (eurypterid)

Euchelicerata - Eurypterida

PaleoDB taxon number: 195784

Full reference: G. F. Matthew. 1889. On some remarkable organisms of the Silurian and Devonian rocks in southern New Brunswick. Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada 6(4):49-62

Belongs to Eurypterida according to J. A. Dunlop and R. F. Miller 2007

Sister taxa: Alkenopterus, Bassipterus, Brachyopterella, Brachyopterus, Buffalopterus, Ctenopterus, Cyrtoctenus, Dorfopterus, Dunsopterus, Echinognathus, Eocarcinosoma, Erettopterus, Erieopterus, Eurypterella, Eurypterina, Grossopterus, Hallipterus, Hastimima, Hibbertopterus, Holmipterus, Jaekelopterus, Kokomopterus, Lamontopterus, Lanarkopterus, Megalograptus, Mixopterus, Moselopterus, Mycteropidae, Pagea, Palmichnium, Paracarcinosoma, Parahughmillera, Parahughmilleria, Pittsfordipterus, Pterygotidae, Rhenopterus, Ruedemannipterus, Salteropterus, Strobilopterus, Stylonurella, Stylonurina, Stylonuroides, Stylonurus, Syntomopterus, Tarsopterella, Thurandina, Truncatiramus, Tylopterella, Waeringopteroidea, Waeringopterus, Woodwardopteridae

Type specimen: NMBG 3002, an exoskeleton. Its type locality is Fern Ledges, Plant bed 2, Carleton, Saint John, which is in a Westphalian A estuary/bay shale in the Lancaster Formation of Canada.

Ecology: nektobenthic carnivore