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†suborder Hadronectoroidei Lund and Lund 1984 (coelacanth)

Osteichthyes - Coelacanthiformes

PaleoDB taxon number: 199154

Full reference: R. Lund and W. Lund. 1984. New genera and species of coelacanths from the Bear Gulch limestone (Lower Carboniferous) of Montana (U.S.A.). Geobios 17:237-244

Parent taxon: Coelacanthiformes according to R. Lund and W. Lund 1984

Sister taxa: Canningius, Chrysolepis, Coelacanthidae, Coelacanthiidae, Coelacanthoidei, Coelacanthopsis, Cryptolepis, Cualabaea, Dobrogeria, Hamodus, Holopterygius, Latimeriidae, Latimeroidei, Latvius, Litoptychius, Luopingcoelacanthus, Megapomus, Megistolepis, Nesides, Panderichthys, Porolepis, Powichthys, Sinocoelacanthus, Strunius, Whiteiidae, Yunnancoelacanthus

Subtaxa: Hadronectoridae, Lochmocercus, Sassenidae

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