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Sichuanosuchus shuhanensis Wu et al. 1997 (crocodilian)

Reptilia - Loricata

PaleoDB taxon number: 199952

Full reference: X.-C. Wu, H.-D. Sues, and Z.-M. Dong. 1997. Sichuanosuchus shuhanensis, a new ? Early Cretaceous protosuchian (Archosauria: Crocodyliformes) from Sichuan (China), and the monophyly of Protosuchia. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 17(1):89-103

Belongs to Sichuanosuchus according to J. J. W. Sertich and P. M. O'Connor 2014

Sister taxon: Sichuanosuchus huidongensis

Type specimen: IVPP V10594, a partial skull (Almost complete skull with mandible in tight occlusion). Its type locality is Sichuan Basin, which is in a Cretaceous terrestrial sandstone in China.

Ecology: carnivore