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Dorsetisaurus purbeckensis Hoffstetter 1967 (squamates)

Reptilia - Squamata - Dorsetisauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 202996

Synonym: Introrsisaurus pollicidens Seiffert 1975 (taxon 95470)

Full reference: R. Hoffstetter. 1967. Coup d'oeil sur les Sauriens (lacertiliens) des couches de Purbeck (Jurassique supérieur d'Angleterre Résumé d'un Mémoire). Colloques Internationaux du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique 163:349-371

Belongs to Dorsetisaurus according to R. Estes 1983

Sister taxon: Dorsetisaurus hebetidens

Type specimens:

  • Dorsetisaurus purbeckensis: BMNH R8129, a partial skeleton (association of occipito-otic capsule, maxillae, pterygoids, palatines, premaxillae, prefrontal, nasal, frontal and parietal imprints, columella,partial mandible). Its type locality is Mammal Bed, Durlston Bay (DB83), which is in a Berriasian marine horizon in the Lulworth Formation of the United Kingdom.
  • Introrsisaurus pollicidens: Its type locality is Guimarota, which is in a Kimmeridgian lagoonal coal in the Alcobaça Formation of Portugal.