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Hastanectes Benson et al. 2013 (plesiosaur)

Reptilia - Sauropterygia - Leptocleididae

PaleoDB taxon number: 203653

Full reference: R. B. J. Benson, H. F. Ketchum, D. Naish and L. E. Turner. 2013. A new leptocleidid (Sauropterygia, Plesiosauria) from the Vectis Formation (Early Barremian–early Aptian; Early Cretaceous) of the Isle of Wight and the evolution of Leptocleididae, a controversial clade. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 11(2):233-250

Parent taxon: Leptocleididae according to R. B. J. Benson and P. S. Druckenmiller 2014

Sister taxa: Brancasaurus, Leptocleidus, Nichollssaura, Umoonasaurus, Vectocleidus

Subtaxa: Hastanectes valdensis

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Ecology: aquatic carnivore