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Microleter Tsuji et al. 2010 (parareptile)

Reptilia - Parareptilia

PaleoDB taxon number: 204048

Full reference: L. A. Tsuji, J. Müller, and R. R. Reisz. 2010. Microleter mckinzieorum gen. et sp. nov. from the Lower Permian of Oklahoma: the basalmost parareptile from Laurasia. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 8(2):245-255

Parent taxon: Parareptilia according to L. A. Tsuji et al. 2010

Sister taxa: Bolosauria, Cheloniamorpha, Eunotosaurus, Kinelia, Millerettidae, Nyctiphruretidae, Procolophonomorpha

Subtaxa: Microleter mckinzieorum

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Type: Microleter mckinzieorum