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Calycocoelia micropora Rigby and Chatterton 1989 (demosponge)

Demospongea - Lithistida - Anthaspidellidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 204583

Full reference: J. K. Rigby and B. D. E. Chatterton. 1989. Middle Silurian Ludlovian and Wenlockian sponges from Baillie-Hamilton and Cornwallis Islands, Arctic Canada. Geological Survey of Canada Bulletin 391:1-69

Belongs to Calycocoelia according to J. K. Rigby and B. D. E. Chatterton 1989

Sister taxa: Calycocoelia murella, Calycocoelia perforata, Calycocoelia typicalis

Type specimen: Its type locality is Cornwallis Island, Abbott River, CAR1, 44.5m, which is in a Ludlow slope limestone/shale in the Cape Phillips Formation of Canada

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder