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Trionyx riabinini Kuznetsov and Chkhikvadze 1987 (softshell turtle)

Reptilia - Testudines - Trionychidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 205688

Alternative combinations: Aspideretoides riabinini, Paraplastomenus riabinini

Full reference: V. V. Kuznetsov and V. M. Chkhikvadze. 1987. [Fossil soft shelled turtles from the middle Oligocene of the Turgai Depression]. Materialy po istorii fauny i flory Kazakhstana 7:10-14

Belongs to Trionyx according to G. L. Georgalis and W. G. Joyce 2017

Sister taxa: Trionyx admirabilis, Trionyx aequa, Trionyx allani, Trionyx austerus, Trionyx baynshirensis, Trionyx beecheri, Trionyx bellunensis, Trionyx boulengeri, Trionyx capellinii, Trionyx dissolutus, Trionyx ellipticus, Trionyx eloisae, Trionyx foveatus, Trionyx gangeticus, Trionyx gilbentuensis, Trionyx gobiensis, Trionyx gregarius, Trionyx henrici, Trionyx ikoviensis, Trionyx impressus, Trionyx jixiensis, Trionyx johnsoni, Trionyx kansaiensis, Trionyx latus, Trionyx leucopotamicus, Trionyx linchuensis, Trionyx melitensis, Trionyx messelianus, Trionyx miensis, Trionyx minusculus, Trionyx miocaenus, Trionyx mira, Trionyx ninae, Trionyx onomatoplokos, Trionyx phayrei, Trionyx pliocenicus, Trionyx reesidei, Trionyx robustus, Trionyx shiluutulensis, Trionyx silvestris, Trionyx singularis, Trionyx triunguis, Trionyx uintaensis, Trionyx vegetus, Trionyx vindobonensis

Type specimen: IZK R-3919, a partial shell (a partial nuchal). Its type locality is Shakh-Shakh (lower), which is in a Santonian/Campanian fluvial-lacustrine claystone/sandstone in the Bostobe Formation of Kazakhstan.

Ecology: aquatic piscivore-carnivore