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Lasioptera recessa Scudder 1877 (fly)

Insecta - Diptera

PaleoDB taxon number: 206631

Full reference: S. H. Scudder. 1877. The First Discovered Traces of Fossil Insects in the American Tertiaries. Bulletin of the United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories 3:741-762

Belongs to Diptera according to R. J. Gagné and M. Jaschhof 2014

Sister taxa: Aemodipsus, Agromyza incerta, Agromyza protogaea, Agromyza serresi, Anisoneura, Aphis dubia, Archidiptera, Archimesotipula, Asilici, Asioculicus, Atherix exigua, Atherix saunieri, Bombylidae, Brachyopteryx, Cecidomium, Conopsariae, Coriaceae, Culicomorpha, Cyrtonotum gigas, Diarchineura, Dichaneurum, Dryomyzidae, Empidia, Eoheleinae, Eopodonomus, Eudiptera, Gigantoberis, Homoeoptychopteris, Inflata, Limnorhyphus, Mesasimulium, Muscides, Mycetophiloidea, Myopidae, Nematocera, Neodiptera, Neoneura, Oligoneura, Phoromorpha, Phytomyza vetusta, Polyclona, Polyneura, Psychodomorpha, Rhagionides, Simulium ventricum, Siphunculata, Stratiomydae, Syrphiae, Tabanii, Tipulariae, Vinculomusca, Vinculomusca vinculata, Xylomyia shcherbakovi

Type specimen: Its type locality is Fossil Cañon, which is in a Bridgerian lacustrine - large shale in the Green River Formation of Utah


Average measurements (in mm): antennae length 0.600, body length 1.40, wing length 1.00