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Lygaeus stabilitus Scudder 1890 (milkweed bug)

Insecta - Hemiptera - Lygaeidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 208255

Full reference: S. H. Scudder. 1890. The Tertiary Insects of North America. Report of the United States Geological Survey of the Territories XIII:1-734

Belongs to Lygaeus according to S. H. Scudder 1890

Sister taxa: Lygaeus atavinus, Lygaeus celasensis, Lygaeus dasypus, Lygaeus daulus, Lygaeus deprehensus, Lygaeus deucalionis, Lygaeus elongatiabdominalis, Lygaeus faeculentus, Lygaeus fossitius, Lygaeus gracilentus, Lygaeus gratiosus, Lygaeus mutilus, Lygaeus obscurellus, Lygaeus obsolescens, Lygaeus tinctus, Lygaeus ventralis

Type specimen: MCZ 4404, an exoskeleton. Its type locality is Florissant (MCZ Collection), which is in a Chadronian lacustrine - large shale in the Florissant Formation of Colorado.


Average measurements (in mm): body 8.75 x 3.00