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Archaeochrysa creedei Carpenter 1935 (green lacewing)

Insecta - Neuroptera - Chrysopidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 255683

Alternative combination: Palaeochrysa creedei

Full reference: F. M. Carpenter. 1935. Tertiary Insects of the Family Chrysopidae. Journal of Paleontology 9(3):259-271

Belongs to Archaeochrysa according to P. A. Adams 1967

Sister taxa: Archaeochrysa fracta, Archaeochrysa paranervis, Archaeochrysa profracta, Archaeochrysa sanikwa

Type specimen: MCZ 4316ab, an exoskeleton (extremely well preserved body and wings). Its type locality is Creede (Michigan collection), which is in an Oligocene crater lake shale in the Creede Formation of Colorado.


Average measurements (in mm): forewing length 12.0, hindwing length 9.80