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Spilaptera sutcliffei Bolton 1916 (winged insect)

Insecta - Palaeodictyoptera

PaleoDB taxon number: 208343

Alternative combination: Spilapterites sutcliffei

Full reference: H. Bolton. 1916. On some insects from the British coal measures. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society 72:43-62

Belongs to Palaeodictyoptera according to J. Kukalová 1969

Sister taxa: Achaeoptilus, Aenigmatopsis, Althansia, Anagesthes, Anthracosta, Asiodictya, Bathytaptus, Bojoptera, Breyerioidea, Brongniartites, Brongniartula, Commentryites, Compsoneura, Delafondia, Diathemidae, Dictyoneurina, Diexodus, Dyscritus, Elmoboriidae, Eubleptidae, Eugereonoidea, Eumecoptera, Eurydictyella, Eurythmopteryx, Frankenholziina, Gegenemene, Haplophlebium, Heolidae, Heolus, Homoiopteridae, Homothetidae, Idoptilus, Kansasia, Kansasiidae, Mammia, Mecynoptera, Mecynopteridae, Mecynostomites, Megaptilidae, Mongolianidae, Monsteropterum, Neopalaeodictyoptera, Neosecoptera, Palaeodictyoptera amissa, Palaeodictyoptera macrophlebia, Palaiotaptus, Palapteris, Paraboltonia, Parahaplophlebium, Paramecynostoma, Paramegaptilus, Permothemistidae, Platephemera, Propalingenia, Pseudomecynostoma, Psychroptilidae, Pteronidia, Pteronidiidae, Rochdalia, Saarlandia, Saarlandiidae, Sabitaptus, Schedoneura, Scudderiana, Scudderina, Severinopsis, Spilapterites, Spilapteroidea, Straeleniellidae, Synaptoneura, Titanophasma, Turnbullia, Eukulojidae

Type specimen: MM L.8197, a wing. Its type locality is Sparth Bottoms, Rochdale (MM coll), which is in a Westphalian A delta plain shale in the United Kingdom.


Average measurements (in mm): wing 90.0 x 30.0