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Spilaptera libelluloides Brongniart 1894 (winged insect)

Insecta - Palaeodictyoptera - Spilapteridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 208345

Full reference: C. Brongniart. 1894. Recherches pour servir à l'histoire des insectes fossiles des temps primaires, précédées d'une étude sur la nervation des ailes des insectes. Thèses Présentées à la Faculté des Sciences de Paris 821:1-494

Belongs to Spilaptera according to J. Kukalová 1969

Sister taxa: Spilaptera americana, Spilaptera packardi, Spilaptera splendens, Spilaptera tanaica, Spilaptera venusta

Type specimen: MNHN.F.R51285, an exoskeleton (four wings with poorly preserved body). Its type locality is Commentry (MNHN Brongniart coll), which is in a Gzhelian lacustrine deltaic shale in the Commentry Shales Formation of France.


Average measurements (in mm): forewing 57.0 x 21.0, hindwing 57.0 x 22.6