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Sciara scopuli Scudder 1890 (dark-winged fungus gnat)

Insecta - Diptera - Sciaraedes

PaleoDB taxon number: 209064

Full reference: S. H. Scudder. 1890. The Tertiary Insects of North America. Report of the United States Geological Survey of the Territories XIII:1-734

Belongs to Sciara according to S. H. Scudder 1890

Sister taxa: Sciara acuminata, Sciara acuminata, Sciara amicula, Sciara antennaria, Sciara atavina, Sciara atropha, Sciara aulica, Sciara austera, Sciara basalis, Sciara bella, Sciara berckhemeri, Sciara bicolora, Sciara brachycera, Sciara braeuhaeuseri, Sciara branconis, Sciara brevipetiola, Sciara burmitina, Sciara compta, Sciara cryptocephala, Sciara dasycera, Sciara defectuosa, Sciara deffneri, Sciara defossa, Sciara deleta, Sciara deperdita, Sciara dietleni, Sciara dormitans, Sciara ehrati, Sciara electriphila, Sciara endrissi, Sciara exilis, Sciara femuralis, Sciara flichei, Sciara fraasi, Sciara gracilenta, Sciara gracilior, Sciara hennigi, Sciara heydeni, Sciara hirtella, Sciara hoelzlei, Sciara ignorata, Sciara inflata, Sciara janassa, Sciara joossi, Sciara jucunda, Sciara kluepfeli, Sciara laticornis, Sciara lengersdorfi, Sciara lengersdorfi, Sciara longa, Sciara longipennata, Sciara lugens, Sciara macrocera, Sciara martii, Sciara melanopa, Sciara milleri, Sciara minuscula, Sciara minuscula, Sciara minutula, Sciara oblonga, Sciara ovalipennata, Sciara pelidua, Sciara pennata, Sciara pompeckii, Sciara protogaea, Sciara quenstedti, Sciara radians, Sciara rara, Sciara requieta, Sciara rottensis, Sciara saportana, Sciara schremmeri, Sciara seemanni, Sciara sepulta, Sciara sopora, Sciara splendida, Sciara strausi, Sciara thoracica, Sciara troglodytes, Sciara villosoides, Sciara wageri, Sciara weylandi, Sciara willershausensis, Sciara winnertzii, Lycoria chrysitis, Lycoria (Neosciara)

Type specimen: Packard 2, an exoskeleton. Its type locality is Green River (Packard Collection), which is in a Bridgerian lacustrine - large diatomite/shale in the Green River Formation of Wyoming.


Average measurements (in mm): antennae length 1.00, body length 3.25, leg length 4.25, wing length 3.00