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Bavarichthys Arratia and Tischlinger 2010 (ray-finned fish)

Osteichthyes - Crossognathiformes

PaleoDB taxon number: 217044

Full reference: G. Arratia and H. Tischlinger. 2010. The first record of Late Jurassic crossognathiform fishes from Europe and their phylogenetic importance for teleostean phylogeny. Fossil Record 13(2):317-341

Parent taxon: Crossognathiformes according to G. Arratia and H. Tischlinger 2010

Sister taxa: Crossognathus, Enischorhynchus, Greenwoodella, Luxilites, Martinichthys, Niobrara, Pachyrhizodontidae, Pachyrizodus, Paranogmius, Protobrama, Syntengmodus, Tselfatia, Zanclites

Subtaxa: Bavarichthys incognitus

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Ecology: nektonic carnivore