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†family Cratomastotermitidae Engel et al. 2009 (termite)

Insecta - Blattodea

PaleoDB taxon number: 220270

Full reference: M. S. Engel, D. A. Grimaldi, and K. Krishna. 2009. Termites (Isoptera): their phylogeny, classification, and rise to ecological dominance. American Museum Novitates 3650:1-27

Parent taxon: Isoptera according to K. Krishna et al. 2013

Sister taxa: Araripetermes nativus, Caatingatermes, Caatingatermes megacephalus, Euisoptera, Isopteridae, Mastotermitidae, Mastotermitoidea, Nordestinatermes obesus, Termitotron

Subtaxa: Cratomastotermes

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