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Suborder Neomantodea Grimaldi 2003 (mantis)

Insecta - Mantodea

PaleoDB taxon number: 220345

Full reference: D. Grimaldi. 2003. A revision of Cretaceous mantises and their relationships, including new taxa (Insecta: Dictyoptera: Mantodea). American Museum Novitates 3412:1-47

Parent taxon: Mantodea according to D. Grimaldi 2003

Sister taxa: Amorphoscelioidea, Amorphoscelites, Aragonimantis, Arvernineura, Burmantis, Chaeteessites, Chaeteessoidea, Cretomantidae, Cretophotina, Electromantis, Gryllomantidae, Jantarimantidae, Jersimantis, Juramantidae, Kazakhophotina, Mantidae, Metallyticoidea, Santanmantidae, Vitimophotina

Subtaxa: Ambermantidae, Eumantodea

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