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Mycetophila vectensis Cockerell 1915 (fungus gnat)

Insecta - Diptera - Mycetophilidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 222037

Full reference: T. D. A. Cockerell. 1915. British fossil insects. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 49:469-499

Belongs to Mycetophila according to T. D. A. Cockerell 1915

Sister taxa: Mycetophila agilis, Mycetophila amoena, Mycetophila antennata, Mycetophila antiqua, Mycetophila bradenae, Mycetophila compressa, Mycetophila confusa, Mycetophila cordyliformis, Mycetophila frequens, Mycetophila hispidula, Mycetophila latipennis, Mycetophila leptocera, Mycetophila longipennis, Mycetophila macrostyla, Mycetophila morio, Mycetophila nana, Mycetophila occultata, Mycetophila orci, Mycetophila phalax, Mycetophila pulchella, Mycetophila pulicaria, Mycetophila pulvillata, Mycetophila pumiliformis, Mycetophila pumilio, Mycetophila pusillima, Mycetophila spinosa

Type specimen: USNM 61434, a wing. Its type locality is Bembridge Marls (Brodie coll), which is in a Priabonian lagoonal/restricted shallow subtidal lime mudstone in the Bouldnor Formation of the United Kingdom.


Average measurements (in mm): wing length 3.00