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Parapolycentropus Grimaldi and Rasnitsyn 2005 (scorpionfly)

Insecta - Mecoptera - Pseudopolycentropodidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 224201

Full reference: D. Grimaldi and A. Rasnitsyn. 2005. Taxonomic names, in Revision of the bizarre Mesozoic scorpionflies in the Pseudopolycentropodidae (Mecopteroidea). Insect Systematics & Evolution 36:443-458

Parent taxon: Pseudopolycentropodidae according to D. Grimaldi and A. Rasnitsyn 2005

Sister taxa: Pseudopolycentropodes, Pseudopolycentropus, Sinopolycentropus

Subtaxa: Parapolycentropus burmiticus, Parapolycentropus paraburmiticus

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